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Bones For Life®, Ortho-Bionomy®

Services and Rates

 Offering Group and Private Classes or Sessions

Re-educating the body does not happen all at once. It is a process. Each session creates changes and they build on each other. While many see results after several sessions or classes, typically more complete and lasting results are had through a longer commitment. It is recommended to commit to a series of classes or sessions ranging from 4-10.

Group Classes:

Group classes and workshops are offered as a series of weekly or monthly classes and range in length and price.  


Private sessions or movement intelligence lessons:

$ 40 for 30 min

$75 for one hr. , $65 if you commit to 5 sessions or movement intelligence lessons

$ 75  per hr. Chair Massage on site  

I love to educate the public about these modalities. I am available for health faires, group classes, workshops, and demonstrations


Bones for LIfe Movement Lesson$75 / 60 minutes
Chair Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Ortho-Bionomy$75 / 60 minutes
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