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Bones For Life®, Ortho-Bionomy®

How Bones for Life® Works


Bones for Life® is divided into 3 separate segments. Each segment has 30 movement processes and is taught in various formats.  The processes taught in the classes and sessions draw from all 3 segments of the program. 

Segment I processes emphasize alignment of the neck and  lumbar so that the spine can safely sustain light transmissions of pressure. These springy pulsations of pressure create  low levels of vibration  that are needed to promote bone strength and realign the spine.


 Ruthy Alon showing participants how to align the neck


The pressure is light and is generated by pressing the hands or feet against a surface such as the floor or wall. This generates a counter pressure that returns and streams through out the body that stimulates bone strengthening and realigns the spine into a more optimally upright posture.


Safety is a major consideration in the program. The program uses green house conditions of protected learning that is sensitive to each person's condition and rhythm. Support for safe learning is provided through the use of a wall, floor, chair,  or roller.



A long piece of cloth called the Bones wrap is also used to fasten the body together and upright protecting vulnerable joints and spinal curves to safely perform dynamic activities such as walking, bouncing on heels, running, and jumping.



 Segment II processes build in complexity and encourage full body relationships in movement. The use of light weights (1-2 lbs.) is introduced to stimulate load bearing in the spine.



Segment III processes include both the most subtle parts of the program as well as introducing the pattern of falling to encourage ease in building a relationship to the floor within comfort.



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