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  • Are you seeking relief from chronic pain in your neck,shoulders, lower back or your spine?
  • Would you like to improve your vitality,balance, flexibility, posture, and coordination?
  • Are you experiencing bone loss?
  •  Are you open to learning easy and effective exercises for self-care?
  • Are you looking for innovative ways to help your clients?

I use a gentle form of bodywork called  Ortho-Bionomy® and teach an  empowering self- care program called Bones For Life®  ( BFL) that are designed to work with your body's own innate movement intelligence and self-corrective abilities.

BFL is a program that uses movement and weight bearing patterns designed to awaken your movement intellligence  improving your posture, providing greater ease of movement, and stimulating bone strength.

It is an  excellent solution for people who are looking for a gentle exercise program as well as those who wish to improve their efficiency in any daily or sport activity.

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle form of bodywork that works with your body's own ability to heal and self-correct .

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