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Client and Student Feedbacks

These are feedbacks about what people experienced after taking the Bones for Life classes or experiencing an Ortho-Bionomy session:

Anne, It has been an awesome journey here in Gainesville and fortunately for me that I met you along the path. My body had been out of sorts for months and was limiting my activities, actually limiting my life. After taking a few Bones for Life classes and feeling hopeful, I received Ortho-Bionomy® sessions. Lo and behold this was the solution to reconnecting to my body. Your knowledge along with your caring and down to earth professional manner made me eager to meet with you. I do believe that the Ortho-Bionomy sessions combined with Bones for Life movements were a recipe that worked. I feel like a renewed woman.  Thank you, thank you, did I say thank you. When I return from California I will be back for “tune ups”."  M.M., 2016


"I have to tell you that my neck felt great the evening right after the workshop. I have 3 herniated discs from a car accident in March 2010 and  my neck hasn't felt that good  since then.  I feel like I've grown a few inches.  It’s been almost two weeks since I took your workshop and I’m still feeling great!  I continue to practice the exercises and I also realized that I needed  a new pillow so between doing my Bouncing on the heels, the Wave processes, AND a new pillow, my neck is feeling great. It’s amazing how much it’s changed my outlook on my day to day dealings with life stuff." Bonnie from Winter Park,FL.2016

The Bones for Life Segment 1 workshop was really a great class. It’s always amazing to experience how awareness, combined with small movements, can make such changes in posture, flexibility and overall improvement in ease of movement. Anne, you really made the class interesting and fun and allowed space for each of us to experience the work at our own pace. It’s nice to take a class that is so useful for yourself and to learn things that will help your clients as well. Thanks, I will definitely be taking more Bones for Life classes from you.
Trish Markey, Gainesville, FL 2015

"I am standing up straighter. Feeling all areas on my feet in order to balance and feel more grounded". 

A student from Orange Park,FL.

"Having been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I found that your Aging Gracefully with Bones for Life workshop provided me with new tools for building bone strength.  The class was informative, gentle and worked with our body's innate intelligence. Incorporating these simple exercises re-patterns our physical structure into an overall healthier alignment. This has a positive effect on all body systems and general wellbeing. I will continue to utilize this and look forward to attending follow-up workshops."      

J.M.  Dunnellon FL,2015

  " I went on a 9-mile hike on Saturday, and at one point, I started having a bit of low-back pain. I adjusted my spine the way you showed us, and the pain went away! It was great. After the walk, my back didn't hurt at all. I love that I have another tool in my kit to help me with wellness. I love that the processes are easy to do, and that they have lasting effects." Thanks for a great class! "

Kathy, Gainesville, FL

"Thanks again for a great class.  I learned so much and am experiencing many benefits as a result.  I am walking better, my sleep has improved, have less tension in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. I now have more awareness of my alignment and can easily use the processes to shift my posture in sitting or standing. Standing is almost effortless and I feel much more grounded and stable.  Also, I had an immediate improvement in sensory integration--particularly left side/right side integration.  Before I felt hypersensitive on my left while feeling almost nothing on my right.  Now I feel both sides are more equal and integrated rather than like two separate halves that weren't connected.  Another noticeable change is that I am able to quiet my mind and let go of excessive mind chatter. And to think that was with only the first 5 processes. I can't wait to learn and do them all and am planning to come to your next class for sure. "

Mary Sue, Gainesville, FL 2015

"Bones for Life was a delight to learn and simple to implement.  I felt improvement in my posture within 5 minutes of doing the processes and by the end of the class I felt more balanced, taller, stable on my feet and fully grounded.  I'm a firm believer in this work and greatly appreciated Anne's instruction and hands on approach with the students."

Tracy Ryzan Ross, Ocala, FL, 2015




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