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Bones For Life®, Ortho-Bionomy®

Class Descriptions

Bones for Life®, a program for posture, restoring proportional flexibility, and bone strengthening

Come and learn easy, fun, and effective movement processes designed to improve your posture, the quality of your everyday movements, help prevent self- injury, and promote bone health.

The Bones for Life® Program series offers a new paradigm of strategies for deprogramming painful patterns of posture and movement facilitating options for moving and standing that are pain free. Based on the concepts of Somatic Integrative Learning also known as the Feldenkrais Method®, the movements awaken the intelligence of movement management while load bearing to promote bone building strength and restore proportional flexibility in the spine. These strategies allow the bodyworker to gain knowledge and experience anatomy from a functional perspective, developing insights and deepening one’s knowledge base of kinesthetic movement, and skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Although this program is primarily for self-care, it is appropriate and relevant to massage therapy. Some self-massage technique is practiced and hands on techniques will also be demonstrated when working with clients.

Classes are open to the general public. Participants should be able to lie on the floor and come to standing with little or no assistance.

Class Materials: Bring a mat or blanket to lie on, a pair of socks or small hand wash cloths, pillows to support neck and/or back and wear loose comfortable clothing.  Some classes require a solid color, long piece of cotton cloth 21- 23ft. by 36-48 inches wide. This cloth is available at Joann Fabrics.  For questions about the class or to reserve a cloth, you may contact Anne Andrews at 386-538-1918 or

Classes and Workshops

Bones for Life, Wellness Through Movement Intelligence:  This class draws from all 3 segments of the program. It duration is usually 1-2 hrs. and can be offered as a  2 hr. CEU workshop.

Move Smarter not Harder ( Intro): Learn easy, fun, effective exercises to improve the quality of your everyday movements and promote bone strength. In this introductory 4 week series you will learn how to deprogram counter-productive patterns of posture and movement that may be sabotaging you. Enroll in this life-changing class now and empower yourself to feel taller, lighter , and stronger. Classes are 1hr.

NEW CLASS ! Move Smarter not Harder, Intermediate: If you enjoyed the introductory 4 week series and would like to expand and deepen your understanding of this incredibly empowering and life changing  program join us ! Anyone is welcome. Classes are 1hr. 

NEW CLASS! GET BETTER, NOT JUST OLDER for Seniors: Empower yourself with these simple, effective movement sequences designed to promote bone health and relieve chronic pain. Learn to move, walk, sit and stand in ergonomically sound ways. Gravity becomes your friend and teacher as you learn to transmit her forces through your movements. Optimal organization occurs and improved vitality, posture,balance, and flexibility are just a few of the benefits awaiting you. Classes are 1 hr.

An Introduction to Bones for Life :Learn the basic concepts in this 3 hr workshop and go home with a few simple fast acting movements designed to improve your posture and stimulate bone strength. CEU hrs. : 3

Bones for Life Segment I ( 4 Day Series workshop):Expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bones for Life program that is designed to de-program counter-productive patterns of posture and movement as well as promote bone health. Deepen your own awareness of how you move and carry yourself and learn new ways to prevent self-injury.  CEU hrs. 6 Fla and National per day.


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